Finished Projects Tally Sheet

Hey all…I was barely in the “knit off”…before I got so frustrated with how poorly it was run. (VERY poor communication). (ETA…this was NOT a KH thing…something “out there on the web” thing)

So, I thought…shoot, I’d like to have a competiton, to either put my money where my mouth is and really SEE how difficult it is…and then I’ll be forever quiet, or do it, and learn and have fun with it…lol…

So…for the Stashies I created a spreadsheet, but ANYBODY can participate.

It’s basically your name (nothing identifying) and then you update the spreadsheet with your completed projects for the month. I’m toying with prizes (fun ones)…

either email me or PM me with YOUR email and I can send you an invite to the spreadsheet. It is a google spreadsheet, and I’m a google member so if you need an invite to gmail or google, let me know…(try and sign up without it first, but if you need one I’ve got pleanty.)

This is for all completed projects, big or small, stash yarn or purchased yarn. Equal opportunity. :slight_smile: lol…

you can click on the link below to take a look see of the format.

Answers to Questions:

  1. The spreadsheet starts in January, but for prizes and such we’ll “officially start” in March.
  2. You MUST email me or PM me WITH your email so I can send you the link. I need to put you in as a “collaborator”
  3. You do all the updating and such…
    You email(PM) me with your info
    I email you an invite
    You go to spreadsheet and enter your info
    when you finish a project you update the website.
  4. Once I send you the invite, when you click on the link in MY signature (when you forget to put a bookmark on your puter), there is an “edit” button on the far bottom right of the screen…and then you’ll be in.
  5. Sometimes you need to give it a few minutes to accept you. So, wait for your confirmation letter to come to you!!
  6. If you have gmail, there is a Documents link in the top left corner of your gmail screen, click on that and you’ll see it there!!
  7. DON"T FORGET TO SAVE 1) the spreadsheet in your favorites, and 2) when all done working on the spreadsheet, click the save and close button, JUST to be sure everything has been updated.
  8. If you can, but I understand if you don’t wanna…could you put your KH screen name by your name…that will help a bit with identification. :slight_smile:

Cool idea, Heather!

Sounds like fun! I’ll play – especially as I am working on reducing my stash of baby yarns. Is there an official start date?? (I just finished off a small project today… :slight_smile: )

I’m in! Sign me up as Dollyce AKA TheArtLady!

And thank you for your efforts HeatherFeather! I know how much time it takes to create and tweak something like this!

[color=blue]KUDOS![/color] :cheering:

This looks like fun if for nothing else than seeing how much you really knit! It’s also cool because I can just go about my normal knitting and not have to knit something special. :wink:

Thanks guys!!!

My “love language” is Words of Affirmation…so…lol…yall are making me feel VERY well loved!!!

OCCASIONALLY I have a good idear…lol…

and don’t forget ANYBODY can play!!! We are just keeping track of completed projects (and maybe other challenges)…NOT just for the Stashies!!!

I added my name (Jan in CA), but I’ll have to figure out what I finished in January and February. :teehee:

i added myself :happydance:

if the numbers for past months go up, i’m not cheating, i’m just remembering to add other things :teehee:

I wanted to put January so we could have a full idea :slight_smile:

And already, 5 people, 25 projects completed…:slight_smile: and not everyone’s entered their data yet!!! :slight_smile:

This sounds like lots of fun! True, I’m a really bad stashie, but I want to do better ^_^;;

Isn’t that book wonderful–my language is acts of service followed by words of affirmation as a close second!

I think I’ll participate…I’m doing it as a way to get myself to finish some projects b/c I’m super guilty of starting a lot but only finishing a few…so don’t expect me to be getting any of those prizes unless you offer one for “least performing” :teehee:

I do have that one up my sleeve!!! don’t want ANYONE to feel left out!!! :slight_smile:

I want to play! but I don’t think I’ll be finishing very much.
Unless I switch to socks…

49 projects ALREADY!!!1

Do dishclothes count? Karen

HeyKaren! Hi! I think dishcloths count. I knit a set of 8…and didn’t know if I should count them as 8 finished items…or ONE set of 8. Well, I sent an email to Heather…and asked her if we could add an extra line below our totals…for a BRIEF description of the items finished. She said yes, we can add anything we want…but just don’t delete anything. She also said we may expand the Tally to include the “number of stitches” per project.

My finished dishcloth(s) is clearly less than the [color=orange]Yellow Basketweave Baby [/color][color=orange]Blanket! [/color](photos and pattern posted in Year of the Stash thread)

I am in the last few inches of my [color=red]Red Aran Afghan. [/color] Got bored with it yesterday…so I knit (and attached) the ruffle to the cast-on edge. The ruffle pattern is in “Knitting On the Edge”…but it only gives the pattern repeat (12st +3)…so…for an afgan…you have to compute backwards. If you want to end up up 183 stitches to fit the end width of the afghan…the number of cast on stitches is HUGE. Worked out to be cast on 543 stitches. Rows 3,5,7,9 of the ruffle lose 2 stitches per repeat…or 90 per decrease row. Well, won’t bore you with further details…suffice it to say…the ruffle was very difficult to manage on my circs. Aaargh. Attached the ruffle with a 3 needle bindoff after first picking up 183 stitches off the end of the afghan. Could have used mattress stitch…but, the afghan is so difficult to manage…the 3 needle bindoff seam worked the first try. My main concern was getting them to “fit” widthwise. Will post a photo of the finished afghan in our thread [color=blue]Year Of the Stash 2007 [/color] in KnitAlongs category.
Should be done by Monday. Will have to block the 3 needle ruffle-to-afghan seams to flatten them out. Will use wet terrycloth handtowel rolls.
Won’t post photos til that is done. Hope it works. Maybe I will put a some little paperweights on the terrycloth rolls to press them down.

ANYTHING counts!!! A finished project is a finished project!!!

We are going to have lots of different contests

Least preformer
Greatest preformer
most number of stitches in the month
most number of projects in a month

those are off the top of my head…:slight_smile: plus any others that anybody can think of !!!


PS: our Tally thread should be in KnitAlongs, don’t you think? It is as much a KnitAlong as our Year of the Stash…and by being located in Knitalongs…it will more likely stay on page 1.

A lot of miscellaneous stuff gets posted in General Knitting. It is difficult to filter through all of it! Especially If you are looking for the Tally via your IE browser as opposed to the email notification.

In General Knitting, there are so many “off topics” (OT’s) posts…lots of personal stuff, tv talk, etc.

I am glad now that mod squad tossed us into KnitAlongs. But, it should have done it earlier…before we had 50+ members! It was very difficult for us to notify all of our Stash Sisters when we discovered the “move”.

sounds like a plan…MODS??? can ya move us over??? :slight_smile:

Geez Art Lady, I only knit one silly little dishcloth, I feel kinda guilty counting it.

Ohhh, this “how many stitches” bit is going to mess me up - I have no idea how many stitches in my projects…

Just found a sleeveless tank that I had started last summer and never finished - how stupid is that!!! :doh: I think it only needs to have one shoulder and the side seams stitched together - so I should have my first completed March item done soon!

ArtLady - took your advice on the HOmespun and skipped the sweater and started an afghan - I should be able to finish that in the next week ( it´s not as complicated or as beautiful as your red one, but it´ll do :teehee: )