Finished projects? Come again?

In the time I’ve been knitting (about 2 years now), I’ve finished 1 project completely, and two projects that just need some basic finishing that I’ve still yet to do. (What? You mean the ends really need to be woven in?! Pfft! It makes pretty side fringe, really!)

My problem is, I start a project, and I’m really enthusiastic about it for a while, and then… I’m not. I still want to finish, and I love the idea, but actually doing it? Well, but there’s this other pattern that’s really awesome, and I can substitute the same yarn I’m using in that project and the guage is the same, and… I’m sure you can see where that nearly always ends up going! :shrug:

Now when I first started, that was okay. I happily frogged and chalked it all up to a learning experience. I’m still learning every day, but that finishing what I’ve started thing is just so elusive! Help?

I restarted knitting about 2½ years ago and I’m sure I have more UFOs than FOs. Some I’ve reknit because the original pattern didn’t work out, and some are still in some stage of being `rethought’. I do like casting on and starting stuff though, and I try to do seamless so there’s less or no finishing to be done.

Some of the ends you could knit over as you work, for instance when you are changing colors at the beginning of a row. If you change balls at the beginning of a row I guess that would work too.

You might try working in your ends as they develop on something that is simple like a scarf, or anything you[U] know[/U] wouldn’t possibly have to be taken out for some reason. (I’ve worked in ends and then needed to dig them out again so I could undo. Not fun.:ick:) If you work them in as you go, finishing will not seem so overwhelming.

If you ever get a chance to take a finishing class that might help you to learn the techniques and give you the confidence to follow through. A good book on finishing might help too.

I think a lot of us are more enthusiastic about the project at the beginning than at the end. Try this mantra, “I do like finishing, I do like finishing…” repeat until convinced.:roflhard: You actually can learn to like it or at least not hate it, if you’re philosophical about it. :slight_smile:

And if all else fails, hire someone from your lys to do the finishing for you!

:rofl: Can you really do that?!

yep. Just ask.