Finished project

Finished my basket weave pram blanket :grin: for my first Grandchild due February :blush:


Beautifully done! Congratulations on the first grandchild.

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Great job!! Is this the one from that pattern you wrote down about a month ago???

Looks nice and toasty warm!!!

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That’s a beautiful blanket! Congratulations!

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Beautiful knitting. Congratulations for your first grandchild.

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Beautiful blanket, congratulations for your first Grandchild

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Hi ,knitcindy , yes it was a sample of how to do the basket weave stitch from a YouTube video.

I’ve started a prayer blanket with that same pattern. Thanks for sharing!!!


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Your welcome :blush: .
It’s good to share and this forum is the ideal place . So many patterns and ideas not enough time to do all of them.:grin:.
Happy knitting and glad to have helped .
Let me know how you get on and maybe show it :blush: