Finished project! First time felter

Hi everyone! I made a post here a while ago about a fair isle question. Well, I’ve finally finished my bag.
And while felted was fun, I think the finished project turned out a little strange.
Before :


The finished project is nice – but I loved the way my bag looked before! But thats okay, just a learning experience!
There will be more bags to be made and more knitting skills to learn!

This project really taught me a lot about decreasing and increasing stitches, and the kitchener stitch!


Oh it looks beautiful! I imagine it’s probably stronger now that it’s felted since the knitting is so loose before hand. What pattern is it? Can you post a link?

I’m sorry to hear you’re not completely happy with the outcome. That’s a bit of a bummer after working so hard on it. However, I love your bag, and I think you did an awesome job on it!

Beautiful. Useful too. Well done. :yay: :cheering:

I’m sorry to hear that you’re not pleased with the felting, but it’s a very very pretty bag! :muah:

It’s a beautiful bag and in the long run you will be glad it is felted as it won’t stretch like a regular knitted bag it. You did a great job on it.

This is SUPER FANTASTIC! Great stitches, perfect colors, and nice felting as well. I would carry this bag with the greatest pride!

Thank you!
Here is the link for the bag’s pattern.

I improvised the fair isle stitching. It was the first time I tried fair isle, so I just added a little bit of whatever I could find online. Its argyle at the bottom and a bit of X and O on the next pattern up

In my opinion, it looks great – thick, wooly and sturdy. Just like a felted bag should. And now with the new skills and experience, you could make any bag you want :slight_smile: Congratulations!

It is a surprise to see the change when you felt something. The bag worked out very well both before and after felting. You learned many different techniques for this one project. Congrats on a project well done.