Finished product

Here it is!!! I am very pleased!!!

steph, that is so beautiful!
i just did some spinning too … the last time i did was a month ago:shifty:
i am hopping for enough for a pair of mittens or dashing from knitty:mrgreen:

That is really, really beautiful!!

:cheering: It’s beautiful! Great job!

Wow, it looks great! You did that all on your CD spindle?


OMG: snephenie… I :inlove::inlove::inlove:that colorway~! I love the torquoise/baby blue … did you use kool aid?

:thud:Wow… that is absolutly beautifull! I would never believe its your first yarn:woot::woot::woot: Yeah another person hooked on spinning! Congrats on a job well done!


Beautiful!!! And great colorway - blues are my favorite.

Thanks everyone!!! :muah::muah::muah:

Ooh…it reminds me of cedars on a foggy day. Great job!