Finished my socks!

Yesterday I finished the second sock of my pair! :smiley: I couldn’t take pics yesterday because I didn’t know where my camera was. They both fit perfectly. I also made a miniature sock using the same yarn since I have a lot left over.

I also made a cute little apple using the pattern I found here:

edit: I just realized I didn’t post a pic of the miniature sock so here is a link to it:

Great job! :cheering:

You socks look great!! I love the little apple!

Great socks and adorable fruit :lol:

Very nice. :cheering:

Cute socks!

The socks are gorgeous. :woot: You did a great job. I have made one pair of socks for my hubby and he is itching for another pair…my list of things to knit is just sooo long.

Your socks are beautiful!!!:yay:I love the colors. Great job rainberry!!!

Very pretty socks! And a great fit, too. I love the colors – what yarn did you use? That tiny little sock is so cute! Make another one and you’ll have a pair for a newborn!

I want to know what yarn that is and the color too, they’re beautiful! way to go.

The sock yarn is ONline Supersocke 100 in color 792.

Love that yarn

:woohoo:Hooray for socks! They look great! :thumbsup: And that apple is pretty cute too!

I love those socks!!
And that’s the cutest apple I have ever seen. :thumbsup:


Love the socks! From afar the colorway of the yarn almost looks like a pattern of shapes in each row, or is it? The little apple and the little sock are adorable!