Finished my second hat!

I finished my second hat this morning. :cheering: I had tried the same hat in the same yarn a month ago, but it came out really big. This one fits almost perfectly. It’s a tince big, but it’s super comfortable. YEAH!

That’s the top of Mae’s head (our sweet dog).

It looks great on you! I like those colors. :wink:

It’s wonderful!

Hay, if you don’t want the edge to curl but you don’t want ribbing at the end.

r1: p
r2: k
r3: p
r4: k

on the edge before casting off… it’s works really well.

have fun making more Hats! Your well in your was to being a mad hatter. :clink:

Thanks! In this case, I did want the curling edge. I’m curious about how the 1p, 2k, 3p, 4k works? Does it curl to the inside?

Pattern please?

Very nice!

Nice! I like the puppy nose too!!!

The Knit-Purl rows keep it from curling at all.

I like the curl look but my son’s don’t. Maybe my little girl will like them when she is older.

I pretty much followed this pattern: Head Huggers. But I used a DK weight yarn (I can’t remember the brand–it’s from Peru, is acrylic and cheap, but it’s soft and not plasticky). It may not be exported outside of South America) and size 4.5 mm, 40 cm long cable needle. I started my stripe on round 23 and it’s 11 rounds wide. I cast on 110 stitches (to make a size large, I think). It was fun to knit and didn’t take too long. It was also my first successful dpn experience once I had too few stitches to use the circular.

That’s very nice! Great job! :cheering:

Very cute - I started a pair of socks in those same colors :D.