Finished My Nina Sweater...YAY!

I finally finished my first sweater! I hope to improve on the seaming technique with more projects as it’s not as smooth as I would’ve liked on the shoulders. The pattern called for 13 skeins and I ended up using 14 and a bit of the 15th to finish it…so anyone doing Jo Sharp patterns, please take note. If I did it again, I’d make her a little longer as it’s a just-below-the-waist length now and I prefer to the hips…

Photos are on my blog if you care to look.

hey! that’s really cute!

Your sweater is beautiful. Only you will notice the mistakes. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. :smiley:

Yay Roxanne! Nina’s gorgeous!!

What a relief that the yarn problem worked out. You did a beautiful job of blending the skeins. You can’t tell at all, at least not in those pictures.




Wow that sweater looks great! I also like your Filtura scarf!

Say you’re from Alberta? So am I! I grew up in Cochrane but now live in Dublin. I’ve been away from home for 4 and a half years now and am planning a trip back in August. Can’t wait!

I’m also a self-taught knitter, you can read up on that on my knitblog

I love reading blogs! What’s your next project?

Edmonton, Alberta right here. Must explain my thing for socks and sweaters. 8)

Thanks everyone for your kind words…and Amy, the new dye lot really didn’t look different from the first one so thank goodness…it was easy to blend! It’s mostly in the neck too and only the top half of a sleeve so it’s not noticeable at all!

As for my next project, I’ve joined a KAL for the Ribby Cardi so she’s next… :smiley: If anyone’s interested, the link is

For those of you in or from Alberta…great sweater weather isn’t it?? Since it’s going to get down to almost -30C this week, I can wear my sweater soon!!!

Nice cardi…

I would be the type to say “great knitting sweater” weather. I would wear my sweater inside while knitting another sweater in that weather. I say “would” because I’m not up to knitting sweaters yet. See me next winter, or maybe this summer if it’s anything like last summer :roll:


That KAL looks fun! I had to click on the link to learn what KAL stood for. I’m rather a newbie in the blog-world of knitters!

After discovering FaeryCrafty’s fun blog, I was toying with the idea of starting a blog. But then I realized it would be the most horrible blog ever, since all my knitting projects are top-secret patterns for my book. I wouldn’t have anything to share! It would be like “Yay, I just finished my third pattern! I love it! Too bad you don’t get to see it!” :roll: I’m sure it would be really popular. :lol: