Finished my first project

ok took me over 2 weeks to make, is a real mess because I used it to learn how to knit, mostly done in garter stitch with some stockinette and something I don’t even think is a stitch at all LMAO. And even though it looks horrible, I am so proud :roflhard:

I think it’s great! I’m a newbie and am knitting a scarf in entirely garter stitch right now. I’m pretty proud of it even though it is simple. :cheering:

That is wonderful! Make sure you keep that picture! I never took pictures of any of my early projects, and I really wish I had. Darling little one, too!

Hey, remember we ALL started out like this. I speak with customers everyday that say 'Well, I can knit a dishcloth"…we all started with dishcloths, scarves, etc.

Keep up the good work,
Rhy :slight_smile:

great job… i love that you used red for your first project!

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: My kids are already asking me to knit them scarves for this winter and I’ve only been knitting for a couple weeks! I’m just now starting an actual project - a regular old washcloth LOL for myself (and I’m going to buy myself some nice body wash from Body Works to go with it)… but I can’t wait to post a picture of it! :slight_smile:

I am really enjoying seeing what everyone is making, especially newbie knitters!

That looks fabulous! :cheering:

It doesn’t look horrible at ALL! It looks PRECIOUS! :heart:

It doesn’t look horrible at all, it looks really good!

thanks for all the comments. The main thing for me is that Rohan (my son in the picture) loves it, he has been wearing it all day lol, only problem is here winter is almost over and I hope he doesn’t decide he has to wear it in the middle of summer LMAO.

And I just finished making a booty! been doing it all day but it is finished wow!

:cheering: Great first project and looks wonderful!!

Very nice…you should be proud :cheering: :cheering:


Here’s a new one for you to try. It has great shaping practice. And you can alter it so that its a ear muff thing.

That actually looks a lot like the second scarf I ever made (red too). I started it out in garter, then switched to stockinette, then back to garter, then back to a few rows of stockinette, then I decided I didn’t like how that was looking and did the majority of the scarf in garter. :teehee:

It looks great !! My 1st project was a garter scarf. I worked on it for nearly a month. I too was very proud of my work. I gave it to my brother for his birthday only to have him shrug his shoulders at it lol.

Great first project! Congrats :slight_smile:

My first project was an attempted scarf. I was eight. I soon gave up, knitted half a scarf, sewed it in half, knitted a ‘handle’, and sewed that on.

Then i gave it to my mother for Mothers day. And she loved it. She’s used it for her glasses and spare pens, even one of those Tupperware bottles.

I completely winged it . I had no idea what mattress stitch was, so i did overcast. My handle was a strip of st st that i had intended and hoped would curl up on itself.

Looking back on first project itself is an embarrassment. But the fun i had making it… :smiley:

And my mother did recently request that i make more of them for her to use. :yay: