Finished my first major project

My son is now wearing the jumper I knitted for him. Yarn is Brookyn tweed’s Shelter, an American wool form Wyoming, which has a very interesting colour and texture. Main pattern is a 2x2 chequerboard. Body and arms were all knitted in the round.

Wow, what a great looking sweater! Congrats on such a successful project. It fits perfectly and the checkerboard pattern looks fabulous. Handsome son and sweater.

A really nice looking sweater and a very handsome son.

very nicely done!

That is a beautiful sweater!! You did an excellent job on it!

Excellent job! :inlove:

That’s a great sweater! I can’t believe it’s your first one; you did such a great job!
I’ve knit lots of sweaters and I don’t think mine have ever turned out that good. I love the colour and the pattern!