Finished my first hat

So I just finished my frist attempt at a hat over the weekend and it didnt turn out too well. But it’s OK, I know where I went wrong. Just thought I would post a picture of my poor hat that me and my roomate are now calling Dan.

:teehee: It looks like something from Dr. Seuss!!! :cheering: :cheering: Do you know a child you can give it to?

wearing that hat youll have to let it flop over to the side or to the back
then its more presentable

nice pic and keep it up


[color=indigo]It looks fine as is. Actually would be perfect for a child, no? Be kind and gentle with Dan. :teehee:


:teehee: I get Dan :slight_smile:

I like it… (but I wouldn’t wear it). Was the yarn verigated, or did you do that yourself?

I like the knot on the top too.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Oooooooooooooo I like Dan!

The first hat I ever made was supposed to have kitty ears. I messed up my stitch count in the decreases and right next to the right kitty ear there was a big lump. My sister snatched it and hasn’t brought it back :teehee:

(…and she’s 21 :teehee: )

Dan… :slight_smile: … I like Dan… I would wear dan…but then again, I am very strange :slight_smile:

And since I love the show “Gilmore Girls”, naming inanimate objects entertains me…:slight_smile:

:hug: Thanks guys. I never thought of giving dan to a kid. I guess I was just distracted by his, erm, shape.

Verigated? What’s that mean?

Verigated? What’s that mean?[/quote]

Veriegated means that there is more than one color on the skein of yarn… like if it fades from one color to the next…

Did you knit that from a pattern or did you just go at it? :slight_smile:

lol then no, it wasn’t venigrated. I had just learned how to knit with two balls of yarn so I thought I’d give it a whirl on a hat. I didn’t use a pattern (they still kinda confuse me) so I just kinda went at it.

It’s cute!!!

Dan?? :??

Ok, I must be weird, but I really LIKE Dan :teehee:

I would totally wear it too :heart: :shrug:

Very cute!

Im wierd too I think… because if she used a pattern I was gonna ask her for it lol…

Im just the opposite from you amishgirl…not using a pattern is what confuses/scares me :slight_smile:

lol well if he was a bit bigger round the bottom I’d probably wear him too, but probably just cause I made him :slight_smile:

I’m so glad y’all like him…now I don’t feel like a complete dingbat :hug:

Ohhh ya! It really does in a way! :rofl: Reminds me of his cute poems! :teehee:
Nice job! :cheering:

:teehee: That is really cute!!! I agree, you should give that to a kid instead of letting it sit around. They would love it. :slight_smile:

I like it! It is cute and funny. :slight_smile: I think you should wear it just because it would make people laugh!

HA! Dan is awesome!! Love it! Love the colors and the funkiness!