Finished my first free pattern!

If you have a little girl you love, this would be great to make for this summer. I just finished the dress today, even though the pattern was finished a while ago. (wanted to knit it first, and work out the bugs myself) Go here: and on the right side there is a category called Free Patterns. Enjoy, and let me know how it goes!

TOO TOO TOO CUTE! Your daughters are something else…such JOYFUL faces! :mrgreen:

Hi yarnmommy; Your dress is darling!! Are you going to do a few in different colors for the summer?! I just love it!
i have no more little ones at home…but…my granddaughter will be 2 in July and I am doing 2 (same dress) sundresses that are similar that can be found in hip knits; the only real difference is that the one i’m diong is a bit shorter with some stripes along the bottom…can hardly wait She will be too cute in it! I only hope mine turns out as well as yours…this will actually be the first ‘garment’ that i have ever knitted…done about everything else u can think of since i began knitting (about a year ago). I’m going to use the ‘crayon’ cotton from & have chosen some darling colors
Thanks you for sharing yours…YOU have certainly given me INSPIRATION to forge :XX: on…thanks and [color=darkred][size=7] WTG[/size][/color]

They have toddler dresses in Hip Knits? who is that by? I couldn’t find any dresses for my kids, and so that is why I sat down in the hell that is Math City and came out with a pattern.

I am going to do the math and make one in a size 2 for my other dd, and I have a TON of the pink yarn (if I sit down and untangle it sigh), so I will probably make a matching dress, much to my dh’s disgust. :lol:

I have yet to order from Knitpicks…but have a wishlist up for my dh to help him pick out some birthday presents. :smiley:

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! :thumbsup:

Nice work Yarnmommy!

I love the simple, classic shape, and it looks like it fits VERY well, nice job on shaping the armholes and neckline, not too loose, not too tight. WTG!! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the nice link to KH in the pattern. :smiley: