Finished my first cabled scarf today!

I think it turned out pretty decent for my first time…I took one pic of either end.

Love the color! It looks great. Aren’t cables fun! :happydance:

Beautiful! I agree with Ingrid, i LOVE the color. I just learned how to do cables not too long ago, and i love doing them now!

Could you post the pattern-please? :smiley:

Hmm I’m not sure if I can actually post it or not…I got it from Mary Maxim when I ordered the yarn, and the bottom says it’s reprinted with permission of Caron Yarns and that it’s copyrighted. Maybe I could PM it?

Oh and yes I know it’s a little deformed from some cables being longer than others…but blimey, I don’t have a row counter yet! :blush:

Very nice and pretty color! I love doing cables and twists. Good job! :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: PM would be good…LOL I just LOVE cables, their so much fun-and- i havent knit myself a scarf yet! :smiley:

Becca, the scarf looks beautiful!! :thumbsup:

Oh that is SUPER pretty!!! Good Job!

Becca…it looks GREAT!! :cheering:

:cheering: congrats! :cheering:

Oh that is lovely! Very nicely done! :thumbsup:

Nice job! Cables are fun once you master them. I was so proud of my first project with cables and you should be too!

Very pretty! Where did u get the boobie fed ticker?

My ticker is from I just love it! :smiley:

I’m impressed! I have not even tried cables yet.