Finished Mittens

I asked for advice on how to close the tops of these mittens in another thread. I used the kitchener stitch to do it. It really wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, maybe it was just the excellent explanation of it from Silver’s sock tutorial. These started out with this but I made some umm customizations. I shortened the rib, lowered the beginning of the thumb gusset, things like that.

Nice, very warm looking. Is the picture showing the inside of the mittens or is the pattern reverse stockinette stitch.

:thumbsup: They look great!!

They do look great. Warm and cozy.

Actually, I knit them as usual and when I was almost finished with the first one I turned it inside out taking it off his hand after a size check and he asked if i could make them so the ‘bumpy side’ shows. So technically they’re inside out. He’s also taken to wearing his hat inside out. Men are weird :teehee:

They do look nice and warm!

That’s a great idea, the inside out thingy!

Yes men are weird!:rofl:

Not weird, Eccie. Un-con-ven-tion-al (yeah that’s it). :wink: And they’re still fab mitts.

Great mittens! I think they look…hmmmm…more masculine that way. I LOVE mittens!!

LOl thanks guys

Nice mitts! They work just as well with the reverse st st showing, and it was his favorite, so they are perfect.

Nice job! :thumbsup:

Look great!