Finished lace camisole

Here is the finished lace camisole that I knit for myself.

Very nice! That has a lovely little lace pattern. :thumbsup:

Very pretty!


Great job…looks beautiful. I have great respect for anyone who will tackle lace projects. Lace makes my head spin…:eyes:

[COLOR=“Plum”]Happy knitting…[/COLOR]:knitting:

Wow, beautious!

It was fun to work on and I can’t wait to do another one in a different color.

So pretty! How long did it take you to make?

I love it!

Oooooo, this is reallllly nice work! Lovely!

Yes, this is absolutely gorgeous.

Thank you, I think that it took about a month. I didn’t keep track of time, just enjoyed the project.

Wow, that is beautiful! Where did you find the pattern?

That is so pretty! The colorway is really nice, could I ask what yarn that is?

I love it!! I too would like to know what pattern you used. I’ve been wanting to knit a nice cami, and I really like this one!

Gorgeous!!! What a beautiful soft color! Love that pattern!

Beautiful work! Do you have a link to the pattern?

It’s lovely!

I love the detail on the bottom.

Wow!! LOVE…THE…COLOR!!!:yay: :yay:

Very nicely done and blocked.
That’s an especially nice lace pattern.
It reminds me of frost on the window glass.