Finished knitting the second fuzzy slipper

I finished knitting it and sewed it up roughly in ‘normal’ yarn, just in case, and it still doesn’t look right. It may have been the way I sewed it, so I have taken out the stitching to try again to see if I can get it right before committing to sewing with the actual yarn and hiding the stitches forever, sewn and knitted. I wish now that I had waited to knit the second slipper before sewing up the first. I could then have compared them for size pre-sewing up.


Yes, this has happened to me too. Well glad to hear that the second slipper is finished and here’s hoping it’s a good match!

I sewed it up again and it still wasn’t right - nothing like the first slipper. I then made the mistake of trying to undo the seam stitches of the first slipper - and failed miserably. Sigh.


The fuzzy yarn probably makes taking out the seams difficult. So frustrating. We’ve all been there and sadly, more than once!

Wouldn’t you think we’d learn lol?

That slipper I tried to undo is now a mass of yarn with ends coming out in every direction. I’m making very slow progress with untangling it and will probably get it sorted eventually, but am thinking of starting afresh with other yarn. This time I’ll wait until both slippers are knitted before sewing either of them up.


That’s what I would do. I would try to frog the yarn I already used and throw it in timeout in a dark place until I wanted to try something else with it. Sometimes the gremlins inhabit the yarn, I do believe.

Maybe do a two at a time version on the next go - knit a part of one, do the second up to the same point, work a little more and do the same on the other and so on.

time-out in a dark space.
that’s GOOD advice, and applicable in SO many situations.

I like that hint of a threat, too. you could use it for a little kid if you want to scare them.

you could look at them sideways with an evil glint:

I think its TIME OUT IN A DARK SPACE FOR YOU, young man (lady).


Imagine the terror you could instill.

You are incorrigible. :mrgreen:

I jokingly told my grands I would lock them in the closet. They argued over who could have the shelf and who would get get the floor. :noway: :noway:

Sounds like a good idea, GrumpyGramma. I am currently detangling a pile of yarn from a drawer, which includes another lot of fuzzy yarn, and when I succeed in doing that, I’ll make another start on the slippers.


Why is it that this is the worst thing ever when we are kids but when we have small children we would pretty much pay to have someone give us a time out in a dark space?

So true!
Now where has that dark, quiet space gone?

I changed my mind about using the Funky Fur yarn for this project - I discovered it sheds a lot and don’t fancy leaving tiny bits of yarn everywhere I walk when wearing the slippers. Not sure which yarn I’ll use instead - I have some nice yarn left over from the dolls’ jumpers I knit, but am not sure if there would be enough for a pair of slippers.