Finished jumper neck too small for head! Help Please

Help and advice please. Jumper finished but grandaughter’s head to big to fit through the neck! I need to increase crew neck by about 2 inches. is it possible to do this? is there a formula ? advice please! (please don’t suggest give to another grandaughter, as her head is even bigger !) Thankyou
mummys trying to knit!

Did you pick up and knit on the stitches around the neck? If you did, those can be taken out easily. Then see if the neck hole will fit around her head without the collar. If it doesn’t you can take out some of the shoulder seam on the inside and just add the neck to the wider hole. The inside won’t look as nice, but nobody sees that, anyway. If it fits the sweater without the collar, then pick up the stitches with a bigger needle and add as many stitches as you need to get it big enough.

Or open up one shoulder and make a button and buttonhole placket.

I was just thinking that if it was a circ sweater you could steek the top and do something similar to what Jouf suggested.

Aiden, since you are our resident experienced crocheter, is steeking used in crochet at all? Just curious.

I have tried to figure out a way to do it, but because each stitch is dependant on the stitch before it I think it’s probably either More Trouble Than It’s Worth, Impossible, or Unheard Of. I know that there is a way to secure knit steeks with crochet.