Finished hat

[B]Well, I just finished my Martha Stewart pattern hat. It was the first time I have ever knitted with two yarns at the same time. It was fairly easy to do, once I got some help from Knitting Help forum. It looks really quite nice, burgandy and white, but it fits like a tea cosy on my head. I actually had added 3 stitches more that the 40 it called for, but it will be warm underneath my coat hood. I would never wear it alone, it is just too small. I am looking forward to knitting a bit more now that I’ve been bitten by the bug again, I hadn’t knitted for about 10 yrs. Anyone got any good ideas for easy projects?:cheering: [/B]

That’s fabulous! Maybe a nice scarf to go with your new hat?! I’ve also knitted tiebacks for all my curtains in the house, and I enjoy doing baby blankets. Whatever you choose, I’m sure it will be wonderful!:yay:

Your hat sounds very pretty, we would love to see pictures of it! I agree a scarf to go with it or maybe mittens? They are pretty easy too :thumbsup:

Was the hat stranded? That maybe why it turned out smaller, you have to keep a pretty loose tension or it will turn out to tight.

Well thank you for all your suggestions. I don’t recognize the “stranded”, but I had to hold two yarns and knit them as one. I may try to do mittens to match if I have enough wool left. I will post a picture of the hat.

p.s. I do tend to knit kind of tight, I will have to remember that next time.

Yep that is stranded or Fair Isle if your holding 2 colors and knitting with them both through out the whole/most of the project. You wanna keep the stitches pretty loose on the needles to the point that you wonder if it’s to loose. The further you knit you will start to see it pull in a bit. Try it on as you go if you can, that way you can tell if your still knitting to tight and might need to adjust your needle size a bit to make it fit along with your tension. :thumbsup:

How about a Log Cabin seamless stashghan? It is all garter stitch, and no seaming involved! We have a KH-knitalong rollin’! Why not join the fun?!?!