Finished hat size for a four month old? AKA Help!

Christmas gift panic!!!

Soooo I am 3/4s of the way through knitting a simple rolled-brim hat with icord top out of Moda Dea Cutesie for my cute little cousin who is four months old.

I made the 6-18 mo size out of The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. It gives the finished hat size as 18.5" around and mine is roughly that, maybe more like 18".

It looks so big! Now, we are a family of small headed people, LOL, but my cousin is not…my mom has seen him and says he’s about average headed. I made the 6-18 month because who wants something that will fit for just two months, right?

I’m planning on matching mitts and maybe booties…

I have to mail it Friday… :shock:

Does 18" sound like it will work??? I need someone with babies with normal heads. ROFL.

This may be helpful :wink:

:?? 18 inches sounds kind of on the big side - my 8-month old dd has about a 15.5 inch head, I think…maybe 16 inches. My friend’s 2-year old has a 17-inch head.

THat does seem a little big. Have you tried it on to see how small/huge it is compared to an adult head?

Krickett is 6.5 months and has a 17 in head… if that helps any! Rebecca’s link seem pretty accurate!

I don’t have a baby head to measure, but I wanted to say that it’s better a little big than too small. He can always wear it in a few months.

My “Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns” recommends a finished circumference of 16.5" or 42cm for 0-6 mos.
Does that sound about right?

There’s a fabulous list of every body measurement you can think of from birth-adult here:

This all helps; thanks!!

Gosh, I’m no help. My girls were both born with over 14" heads and my son had a 16" head! If it is a roll brim hat, the parents should just be able to keep rolling it until it fits. Or he will have a nice hat when he is a toddler! :smiley: