Finished First Sock

Very nice! My first pair of socks were awful compared to that!! Now I do them without a second thought. And I still wear that awful pair to remind myself of how far I have come.

You won’t need that reminder. You are Knitter with a capital K :teehee:

I still following Silver’s Sock Class. I’m just adapting it a tad for the ML instead of 4 DPNs.

I’m flattered, thank you.

:cheering: looks great, Mason! :cheering:
I’m about to begin Step 8 of Silver’s tutorial.

Wonderful socks! :muah: I loved Silver’s sock tute, as well. Please do let us know how you like the ML as opposed to the dpns. Thanks!

YAY! Congratulations Mason! :muah:

Thanks Kristin. i couldn’t have done it without you.

I stopped by Mom’s a little while ago and of course took my shiny new sock with me. She looked at it, handled it, looked at me and said “YOU knit this?”


I think she was surprised I was actually able to knit it correctly. She did say that she thought it was very good and that she wanted me to show her how to do it when she’s ready.

Great job Mason! :cheering:

That sock looks really good, Mason. I would not have guessed it was anyone’s first knit sock, and definitely not someone’s second actual thing they knit!
And already you are adapting the sock tutorial for ML. This means you “get it.” You understand the whys and wherefores of pattern construction, etc.
As someone else mentioned, you truly are a natural knitter. I think somebody should alert Vicki Howell and get Mason a gig on Knitty Gritty. :cheering:


Way to go, Mason! That’s one handsome sock! Can’t wait to see its mate. (BTW - cast on my first sock today. Soon will join the ranks of sockdom.)


Wow! It looks wonderful already! :cheering: Great job Mason! :thumbsup:
I never tried socks because the thought of turning heels are always haunting me and making me go :thud: :rofl:
So did you get the “sock curse” too? :teehee: :roflhard:

:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

That looks absolutely amazing! I love the colors, and I love the design. I’ve never done Silvers sock class before and have yet to make a decent pair of socks. Kudo’s to you for being able to make such a pretty one so quickly!!!

Oh gosh! Turning the heel is the BEST part!!! You’ve got to experience the magic!!! :teehee:

Oh gosh! Turning the heel is the BEST part!!! You’ve got to experience the magic!!! :teehee:[/quote]

:roflhard: I guess that is the part when people get “cursed” then? :rofl:

Congratulations! It looks awesome! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Now, I want to knit socks, too. . . off to find Silver’s tutorial . . .