Finished First Sock

The first sock is now finished. I’m pretty proud of myself. It actually fits too.

This is a pic using my crummy webcam. I’m going to try and go get my good camera out of the truck later today.


Advice I got from someone else… Cast on the next sock Immediately!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

It looks warm!

Your sock looks great! :smiley:

Do I spy your Options case lurking under there? :teehee:

Wow, this sock looks REALLY good! I’m impressed! :cheering: You should definitely be proud!

Look at you making socks! :cheering: Nice job :notworthy:

Thanks folks. I am a bit surprised that it turned out like it was supposed to.

And yes, that is the Options case hiding under the sock. :rofl:

I am debating whether to knit the second sock on the DPNs or to try it using magic loop on the Options. I feel like it’ll go faster on the Options but the gauge may not be quite the same.

Way to go, Mason! :cheering:

Honestly, I don’t think it’ll make enough of a difference to be concerned about. Plus, you can always blame any unevenness on the fact that it’s your first pair of socks! :thumbsup:

Congratulations! Your sock looks great!!! :woot:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

That looks wonderful! You should be quite proud of yourself!

GREAT job! :cheering:

BTW, you should go ahead and order the Options dpns. I cannot imagine knitting my socks without them!

Great job, Mason! You really are a natural!! :cheering:

Congratulations! I made my first sock last March and I’ve been knitting socks ever since. I’ve made over a dozen pair, but I only have 2 for myself. My mom loves them, they don’t cut off the circulation in her legs like her storebought ones do. She wants a pair for every day. She’s got 3 pair so far.


Thanks again everyone. I’ve cast on and started the second sock. I’m going to give the magic loop method a shot.

Looks Great Mason~!! is it for you or someone else/? :??

Thanks. For my big foot.

Wow, that looks really great! Did you use Silver’s Sock Tutorial? (I think you mentioned that in another thread?)

Yes, and it’s great. Very easy to follow.

Excellent job! Now where are you getting the instructions for magic loop? So far I’ve only used dpns 'cuz ML and 2 circs have intimidated me.

I also want to try toe up.


Way to go Mason!!! You are a natural.