Finished Felted Marsupial Tote

It’s in my blog, but I’m showing off. :roflhard:

It’s my FIRST finished project.

I adjust the lighting a bit so it would be easier to see. :wink: I really like the shape of this and the colors are so pretty!

Thanks Jan! My digicam ran out of juice and I could only take one pic. I planned to take one later when it’s charged. I appreciate you lightening it for me.

:cheering: beautiful! great job!!! :cheering:

Looks great! Congrats. :cheering:


That looks marvelous!!! Great job! I like the color combo! :thumbsup:

:oops: you guys…

Thanks! beam

I am EVER so proud of it. :slight_smile: I’ve shown it to my FI roughly 15 times - quite as if he’d never seen it before. :roflhard: He just keeps looking at me with his eyes glazed over and his voice monotone, going: :shock: It’s beautiful, dear. I can’t believe how clever you are…

I so love it :cheering: :cheering: Nice job…Now, I’m learning more & more about dig. cameras & the computer…how did u adjust the lighting of another photo Jan?!

That’s awesome! I have made a couple of those and mine seem more “round”…is the secret of the correct shape at the top in the drying process??

Gawgous!! I :heart: it!

You know Andrea, I don’t know. :frowning: I wish could help. I didn’t do the RT’s in the pattern if that matters and my “blocking” tool was decidedly rectangluar now that I think of it. I dried the bag upside down over a rectangular shaped tupperware container that was the same height as the bag. I’m not sure what did it, but that’s what I did. :shifty:

I love yours in my blog tho (was it you that posted? I’ll check again) it’s actually closer to the shape I wanted. :roflhard:

If you mean the shape of the actual mouth of the bag, it may mean making sure you pick up enough stitches on the long sides so that they are sufficiently longer than the short sides. I noticed when I was picking up, I really had to pay attention to make sure I ended up all the stitches I wanted all around (I prefer things to be symmetrical that way :rollseyes: ).


Bag looks great!!!

You know, everyone I know who’s made this has had theirs turn out differently. I think this one looks closest to the picture in the S&B book. I’ve done 3 and neight of mine look like the picture in the book-- and I DID do the RTs. I think it’s just a fluke of nature how they turn out. Which is great, though, because you can knit the same bag a billion times, and not ever have the same one!

My RT ended up causing the bag to twist a bit…drives me crazy, when I do another…no more RT for me :wink: