Finished, but...too big?

finished a weasley sweater for nephew
that’s a YARDSTICK going through the sleeves
I truly fear he won’t be able to wear it for years
I was told he was a size 6 and I followed the pattern for the chest size normally considered kid size 6, my gauge was right on at 6 to the inch, but…
it looks enormous

The sweater looks great!

On the size, I don’t know if this will help, but I measured a child who wears a size 8, and they were 38" from wrist to wrist when arms were held out like the yard stick.

Mama Bear

Bigger is much better than too small! It looks great!

It’s supposed to be a bit over sized, it looks fabulous.

Great job on the sweater! :yay: It will fit perfectly. :wink:


I love the sweater!

I hope it fits well enough and that he can get two years of wear from it!

kids grow so fast, so if it is too big then dont worry, it wont be for long. I hope that makes you feel better if it is too big. If it is NOT too big then i am sure that the child will not grow at all and will always be the perfect size for the sweater (oh yes, delicious lies).
But it is a fantastic sweater, you did a great job and I would LOVE a handmade sweater even if it was too big.
And when i was little and i got clothing that was too big I enjoyed putting it on and showing my parents how far the sleeves draped over my fingertips. They would always laugh and say I had some growing to do. When i was the right size to fit in the sweater then I was so happy to know that i was growing.
Either way, they are going to be happy, either when they get the sweater and it fits or in the future when they grow into it.

I love it! I am sure he will grow into it.:wink:

YOu did a great job …it looks nice. I agree…better it be too big and he can grow into it then too small and never be able to wear it. :teehee:

Looks great, too big or not!

It looks terrific and he will love it. I agree it is better for it to be too big than not big enough.

What a great sweater! He’s going to love it.

It looks wonderful!! He will love it… :happydance: