Finished Booga bag

I know this is old news for most people, but I’m new to knitting (under a year). I’ve done things like scarfs and dishclothes beofre, so this is my first ‘big’ project. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

Done knitting, before felting

After felting, blocking

Final product!

Very nice!! I love the colors! There is something magical about your first Booga Bag. You did a great job!!! :slight_smile:


Booga’s are so much fun and they never get old - at least IMHO. Congratulations !! :woot:

It doesn’t look like it shrunk too much…did you use plenty of soap, hot water and a washing machine to felt it? I only ask b/c mine usually shrink about 30% and get pretty thick - they actually stand-up to dry on their own.

what a great job you did on your Booga

What a great job you did on your Booga Bag

It looks awesome! Great job!

Very nice!

Oh, so pretty! I love the colors you chose – is it Noro? Beautiful job!

Looks great.

Nice bright colors. Looks good.

[B][COLOR=indigo]F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! Simply gorgeous! You inspire me![/COLOR][/B]