Finished blanket, now what?

I’m a new knitter and just finished knitting my first real item, a blanket. I used Lion Brand Jiffy Thick & Quick yarn and don’t know what to do next. Do I wash it? Is there a special detergent? I don’t think it needs blocking, but am I supposed to do that?

Thanks for any help!

You might want to wash it gently to freshen it up and even out the stitches, but with Jiffy it doesn’t need blocking. Acrylic doesn’t block.


I didn’t think it needed blocking, thanks.

What should I wash it with?

You can wash it with any regular detergent. I tend to wash knitted items in baby detergent for some strange reason…but anything will work!

Great. Thanks suzeeq and sara_jayne!

Wool wash like Eucalan (not Woolite) is good but adult shampoo is just as good, it’s slightly acidic, which is perfect for wool.


Jiffy is an acrylic yarn.