Finished belt from 'Happy Hookers'

This is my first wearable item I have made in crochet and I made it in a day. I’m pleased with end result. I used the leftover yarn from the movie star dressing gown.

I hope you like it!

neat- I like the corset- like effect. do you have a plan as to what you’ll wear it with?

Very nice. I like the colour! :heart: I’m tempted to make this but I’ve no idea what to wear this with!

I’m going to wear it with dresses, in the book the model is wearing a long skirt and vest. I’ve got a couple of long skirts it will go with too.
It’s worth doing, especially if your a beginner like me, the pattern was easy to follow and made up really quick.

Very nice…it looks really great and i love the color.

If any one would like it pm me your address and I’ll put it in the post. It’s a size ‘s’ from the book, but way too big for me.

If any wants it let me know.

Is that double or half double crochet? :??I like it and I REALLY like that it was quick~!:cheering:

It’s crossed double crochet, a few rows of single crochet, and a row of picots. (US terms) It’s so quick.

I’m going to have a go at the ‘Fat bottom bag’ next.