Finished Back of sweater, need to adjust front panel width.


I have just recently started knitting. For my first project I completed a cabled knit blanket. I am now under taking my second project, a patterned knit sweater.


I completed the back panel, and pocket linings as per the pattern; with no issues. However, I measured the width of the back panel, and measured the width of the front-left panel currently working on my needles . This is when I realized the sweater is coming in at 42” around… and my dad is 44” around…so the size is coming in a bit snug.

Is there a way to make increases on the from left and right panels to compensate for this? I’ve googled around and I believe there is… it’s just not making a lot of sense to me.

Thanks for your time,

Stefon I

Welcome to KH!
That’s a pretty impressive sweater for anyone much less a beginner.
You could try washing and blocking your swatch to see if you can get the extra width. This works better with wool yarn.
You’re really taking on a design task to try and alter the fronts so that they’ll join with the back without destroying the line and fit of the sweater. My advice would be to start again or to finish this sweater as given and give it to someone else. Then you can make a larger one for your dad.