Finished baby jumper

well, i thought it was about time i showed off one of the things i have been making. its a simple baby jumper for my son’s cuddly monkey lol. it has matching trousers, i am going to make some socks and hat so he has a complete outfit.


excuse the background, i could only get the webcam camera to work.


Oh that’s darling. You made that for a toy? Wow! It’s beautiful!

Very nice work!!

yep its for a toy. best dressed cuddly i think lol. well no one i know is having a baby and i really wnated to make somthing baby lol.

i am just sewing up another of the same, just a different colour for his toys. but i need to make the rest of the outfit for both sets.


:happydance: it looks great!

You must have the best dressed toys on the block. Very cute, Susi!

Aww that is lovely :slight_smile:

oh how sweet. My DD keeps seeing things she wants and my queue is getting wayyyy too long!

Very nice sweater for the monkey. Good job.

Its cute

its actually a really quick and very very easy knit. it took about 7 hours i think in total. but that was also due to the fact i had ‘help’ from the kittens lol


Very cute!

Great looking sweater!