Finished - at last!

This is the original pattern and this is what I’v done.


Very nice! :XX: I love the colours! :heart: You’ve done the frilly bit really well! :thumbsup:

:cheering: What a great ruffly scarf! Love it!

:smiley: I :heart: love :heart: it…just beautiful :thumbsup:

So pretty!

It looks sooo wonderful! I’ve been in love with that pattern since I first laid eyes on it. (I’ll get around to it one of these days! :lol: )
Great job!!

So pretty! The part where you were knitting the ruffles looked scary with all the needles in there!

I can’t see the finished one – it takes me to a link to another post on this site?

Looks great! I’ve been wanting to make that scarf for awhile now, I’ll have to get around to it one day!

Oh, that turned out great!!

Wow! I am so impressed - that pattern looks really hard. You did a beautiful job. What a cute scarf! :cheering:

The link takes you to the first page of that topic. You will need to click to the next {last?} page of it to see the pics.

Yes, the ruffles are a bit of a nightmare to make. However, they do get easier with practice but they are very fiddly. I couldn’t have done it without the double pointed cable needles and I knew that I’d need them because I made a sample first.

To kayeknit and mks22300: I too fell in love at first sight when I came across this pattern. I was a bit worried that it said “advanced beginner” (as some may recall) but was told that I’ll get all the help that I need on this forum. So, I summoned up the courage and had a go.


Looks beautiful!

Gorgeous!! This pattern is on my to-do list, I just need to decide on what colors to use. Your version is beautiful - I think the colors all tie in together wonderfully.

Beautiful Job!

Great job! It’s beautiful! :thumbsup: