Finish Your Projects Here!

:muah: O.k., so I’ve been going through my entire stash today. I’m organizing every possible knitting item I own. I have numerous projects that I’ve started and set aside to start something new. I have in the past few months finished a few things but I want to get down to business as of today.

So, my challenge to you all is to really set your sights on getting these old projects done. I think we should keep this thread going and post items once they’re done. I personally do not want to buy any more yarns or what not until I get these unfinished things under control.

Anyone care to join me? I at least separated all my projects and I have the patterns with them along with the needles, etc. I can’t promise when I’ll have this stuff done but I’ll be posting pics. soon. :woohoo:


I’ll join you. I have a couple of scarves and a pair of socks to finish. I probably won’t be buying any more yarn until Super Bowl Sunday sales anyway … although Michael’s is having a big sale this week. I’m making a black and white scarf with lots of different fibers for a friend’s daughter’s birthday, so if I see anything I could use with that I’ll pick it up.

I’m with you! I have a sweater that I need to correct (The neck did not come out to my satisfaction), an afghan that has three more inches until completion — well, there are a few others started and a lot in the stash that are waiting! I’ll try to meet your challenge!

Great idea! I’ve finished a few things lately that have been languishing, and it feels good to get them done! I have a tank, a cardigan and a stole that need finishing… I’ll try to work on both of those in between the other things I want to do!

think will join you have a few things to catch up with hats nad mittens sweater that needs the neck sorting out and socks not completed and a few more around but see a new pattern and of i go again but will have to put mine of till new year as we are party timeing for two days hugs Happypins

This is a great idea. Finishing up my UFOs is one of my New Years resolutions. I do have a suggestion though–maybe ask the mods if this thread could be moved to the Knit-Alongs forum? I would think of this as an on-going, your choice sort of knit-along, and since there are fewer threads there, this one won’t fall off the page so easily…

Hi! :waving:

Marria, that’s a great idea! But maybe we could have this as a sticky? That way it stays at the top of the General Knitting forum list and can help remind us to finish up those projects!!!

This really is something that needs to stay posted, and a sticky would do it!

Happy knitting! :knitting:

Ruthie :hug:

I would love to have this thread as a sticky. Who would I need to ask? I am very motivated to get my projects done and this promise to myself is a good motivator for me. I hope others feel the same way. :muah: I’ll be posting some stuff soon!

oh, yeah! I sure need accountability where finishing ANYTHING is concerned! I’ll participate!

Hi! :waving:

Ask Jan in CA. I think she’s the moderator for the General Knitting. If not, she’ll know who to ask. Hope it works!

Happy knitting,