Fingerless Mitts

Yarn: Noro Taiyo color #4; yellow, rust and pinks
needle size: 7

I haven’t posted in a while and this is just a little something I did. Nothing big. This pattern is way easy. I used it to teach myself the magic loop method when I made these for my son - this is actually my third pair of mits, but my first pics.

I love the way this yarn looks when the project is complete but I HATE the yarn. It broke several times. :grrr: It got to the point where I was way too worried about it breaking so I didn’t pull it close enough between the joins in the magic loop so there is some laddering. I really don’t think I’ll every buy it again. My non-knitting family love the colors and I am being inundated with requests for projects using the yarn to which I have thus far been strong enough to refuse. They just don’t understand the frustration of this yarn. :hair:

Pretty color!

cool n cute

They look adorable!! Love the way Noro stripes but haven’t used it much. I have some in my stash though. It takes much of the fun out of knitting when you don’t enjoy the yarn you’re using … sorry this was a frustrating knit. Maybe you can find another yarn that will give you similar results. I’m working on a scarf using Crystal Palace Mini Mochi and I LOVE working with it. You may want to see if you can find any of that for your next pair.

Wow, I totally love the colors and the way they stripe for these mitts! Too bad you had such a hard time with the yarn :nails: - frustrating! I’m making fingerless mitts now too, and like you, used it as an opportunity to learn magic loop - so glad I did! I hate dpns and like the 2 circ method, but love the idea of only needing ONE circ to do a project in the round!

Thanks for the link. I’ll have to try that yarn out. It looks pretty :thumbsup:

I know - I love the way it looks, but just couldn’t stand the breakage.

Don’t you just love magic loop! :cheering: It was like an epiphany learning it. I hate dpns :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry the yarn was so difficult. The color is lovely – can’t blame your family for making requests :teehee:

Oh what a yummy colorway! I really really love it! Great job!

Oh so pretty!!!