Fingerless mittens

I’ve been looking online for an easy fingerless mitten WITH thumb
pattern, and, I was wondering if
anyone in here can direct me to an EASY fingerless mitten with thumb pattern?

Here’s some simple ribbed ones.

I made myself some convertible mittens/fingerless gloves (but of course, can’t find the pattern since my old computer fried with all my links). I figure you can make these, and just omit the flap if you don’t want it. Here is another one.

Not sure how easy or not these are for you, but mine were pretty simple. I’ve also made several pairs of the Nicholas Fingerless Gloves. Maybe you could just finish off the thumb, rather than leave it open? I found them easy to make too.

My favorite easy fingerless mitts pattern at the moment is at - Everybody’s Squooshy Mitts (pdf pattern link is in the right-hand column on the blog).

The best thing about this pattern (for me) is that the thumbs are knit first, and attaching them is easier this way. Plus, if I have a limited amount of yarn, I don’t have to guess how much to leave for the thumb, and since it’s top down I can keep knitting until it’s either long enough or I run out of yarn.