Fingerless mitten pattern help

Hi all,

I’m working on this pattern and I have a question about these two instruction lines:

“Work one round even.” – What does this mean?

“Next round: Knit to marker, place next 12 sts on a small stitch holder, [B]cast on 2 sts,[/B] knit to end of round.” – How do you cast on stitches in the middle of stitches already on a needle?


Not hard to do. I think this is the start for your thumb. You need to separate out the thumb stitches, the 12 that you place on your stitch holder. Now you need to cover up the “hole” left by the 12 stitches that you’ll work as the thumb - that’s where you cast on 2 stitches.

To cast on, just wrap the yarn around your thumb and stick the right-hand needle through the loop. Do this a second time, and presto! two stitches cast on.

Gloves and mittens are NOT the easiest things in the world to knit! Congratulations on starting this pattern.


PS - when the directions say Work 1 round even, they mean to just work whatever pattern stitch you’re doing, around all your needles, ending where you started. One round - once around your needles. Then stop. Read directions to see what next.

Thanks DD!

I made my first pair yesterday, and sort of fudged around those two lines that I didn’t understand, but now the thumbs on both hands need some new work. For my next pair, I’m going to try to knit the thumb in the round (as opposed to sewing after the fact).


Work one round even means to knit another round in pattern with no increases or decreases.

Thanks to you both!

OK, now I’m about to start on the thumb section of my second pair of mittens using this pattern, and I’m still unclear about the line that states: "Next round: Knit to marker, place next 12 sts on a small stitch holder, [B]cast on 2 sts,[/B] knit to end of round.

The part that is confusing me is [B]“cast on 2 stitches”[/B] – the rest I understand. Why do you suppose I need to cast on 2 stitches? I mean, what purpose does this serve?

I’m going to do the thumbs using DPNs (instead of sewing), for what it’s worth.

Oh, OK. I missed your original explanation on the casting on of the 2 stitches. I’m going to go with faith on this one. Thanks again.

OK, I’m still having some issues with finishing the thumbs on these fingerless gloves. I’ve moved the 12 stitches from the stitch holder onto the needle (I was going to try knitting on DPNs, but got stuck and ended up with a big hole where the thumb separates from the hand). So I undid what I had and am now starting over.

What I don’t understand is how to start the stitches with new yarn. Do I cast on more stitches to start? Sorry to be so dense.

You start just by knitting the first st and you would use the tail to close up any holes. I think some patterns have you pick up a st or two to close any gaps.