Fingerless mits on Magic Loop pattern?


I have clicked on all of the links provided for knitting fingerless gloves. Several are no longer available, and others say to knit on 2 circs. However, I would like a fingerless glove pattern to knit Magic Loop style. Even if the pattern calls for 4 DPNS I can knit on circ, but I cannot find a pattern I really like. Can someone provide a working link to download a patter??


Magic loop is a way of knitting small diameter or changing diameter items. The pattern doesn’t necessarily have to be for magic loop. If it’s for 2 circulars or for dpns, you could substitute magic loop. You may need to put in markers so that later directions will make sense with magic loop but otherwise you should be good to go.
Have you tried Ravelry or Knitting Pattern Central or yarn manufacturers like Lion, Bernat, Knit Picks or even Google in your pattern search?

Oh…thank you so much. I kept seeing 2 circular needles, I didn’t know I could substitute the magic loop style. I sure do love magic loop, once I got used to it. Thanks so much for your help. Now that I understand that, I have so many more choices of patterns. Thanks so much!!!


You can use different tools to knit in the round - dpns, 1 circ, or 2 circs.