Fingerless Gloves

I am currently making my first pair of fingerless gloves, and I am really confused on how to make the thumb opening. The pattern only says:

Work in pattern to end, TURN WORK. You are now working flat, back-and-forth, instead of in the round.

Im not quite sure how to do this as I am a relatively new knitter.
Thanks in advance,
knitwit61015 :mrgreen: :muah:

Instead of knitting in the round, you’re going to work back and forth, flat, just like knitting on straight needle. So when you get to the end of the round, turn your work so the WS is facing you and do the WS rows around to the beginning of round. Then turn again and do the RS to where you turned before.

Just one more question, is there a certain way to turn or do I just… turn? Thanks for all of your help!

Nope, just turn as if you were at the end of a row in flat knitting.