Fingerless gloves?


Can someone please give me some links for free knitting pattern for the entirely fingerless gloves and then one for the gloves with the shortened fingers.

I have looked at so many that my eyes are crossed. I cannot seem to find one that is simple. Lots of cables, lace, and fancy stuff. I dont see any in the eaiser category.

Also WHY DID PATTERN CENTRAL CHANGE THEIR WEBSITE…stuff not as easy to find. AND I cannot find the “search” option anymore.


Have you tried ravelry?

Search results for [basic gloves]( gloves) and for fingerless, just don’t do the fingers. Works for me.

If you want really basic fingerless, knit along with Kelley’s Mitten Class and stop when it’s as long as you want…you won’t even need a pattern.

Pattern Central, there was another thread that said the original owner was setting up a new site and putting all the links there. I haven’t used it much in a long time, with no pictures for the different patterns I often didn’t know if it was something I even wanted to bother looking at. Still, I hope the new site is operational soon.

That’s a great idea about the web class, thanks much. And the pattern central thing, why fix what ain’t broken. It was so simple before, I hope they fix it soon too, or just put it back :cheering:

Jan recommended this pattern awhile ago and it looks straightforward. You can make it with or without the extra flap.