Fingerless gloves

Knitted rounds till I had total length (5"), ending at the beginning of the round … SO I COMPLETED LAST ROUND, RIGHT? Need help with next step: “On the next round, work the second needles as follows: k2, p2, bind off next 4 sts in ribbing, k2 p2. Finish round as established.”


For this round, when you get to needle 2, k2p2 and then bind off the next 4sts, k2 p2 and complete the round. In order to bind off in ribbing, k2, pick up the first of these two knit sts and pull it over the second and off the needle. Now purl the next st and pick up the knit st and pull it over the purl and off the needle. Purl the next st on the left hand needle and repeat the bind off until 4 sts have been dropped off the right needle. You’re making an opening, perhaps for the thumb on the gloves.

Is the 5" the wrist part? It sounds like you’re binding off for the thumb or thumb hole. K2p2 then bind off 4 stitches and contine from there in the ribbing pattern to the end of round.

To bind off in ribbing you bind off with the yarn just like you do for ribbing. Here’s a video. Ignore the first slipped stitch though, just knit it like you always do.

I’m hoping the link works since I’m on my iPad. If not look up “bind off ribbing” on you tube.

THANKS, the video was very helpful!