Fingerless gloves

Can someone tell me if there is a video anywhere of how to knit gloves, specifically fingerless gloves? I have a pattern and got as far as the 2 by 2 rib and 3 rows of stocking net stitch and now I do not understand the pattern.

Is the pattern online?

Can you write down the exact line that is giving you trouble?

It sounds like you might be at the thumb gusset increases, but without seeing the pattern I can’t be sure.

And, I’m afraid I haven’t yet seen a generic glove video, but there a few thumb gusset image tutorials out there if you google for them.

Hi Melinda,
here is the pattern online:

I have no clue after thumb gusset;
line #3… “k2 rounds even, keeping the P1 sts uniform”…what does that mean? doesn’t “knit even” usually mean to knit the above instructions again the exact same way?
Thanks so much,

“Knit even” in this case means to knit the knit stitches, purl the purl stitches, and to NOT make any increases in those 2 rounds.

Hope that gets you going again!