Fingerless gloves?

Does anyone know where i can get pattern for fingerless gloves that use circular needle and that looks decent?

The one’s i have seen don’t look to good.:shrug:

Since the majority of circular mitts/gloves are knit in the round I’m not sure what you mean by ‘look decent’. Do you have a specific type of pattern like cables that you want to knit? Also… a lot of them are probably knit using DPNs, but you can also use two circs or magic loop.

Here’s a few -

Um, I may be wrong (which wouldn’t be suprising…) but I think you could knit any pattern knit in the round on circs… Just place markers dividing the stiches… I.E, like if it says to c/o 60 sts and divide them between 3 needles, I’d PM, cast on 20, Pm, cast on 20, pm cast on 20. You would probably want different looking markers to distinguish them from the others. Hope this helps!

Hi … these are one of my favorite projects… so I have several patterns. I MADE THESE WITH CASCADE FIXATION.
I made these with Red Heart for the kids in the hospital

I never could find one that I really liked either so I just made one up!
They are just basically a tube with either a thumb gusset or a hole
for your thumb to go through. If there is a particular stitch pattern
you like you could just try designing your own :slight_smile:

Here is a pic of theones I came up with:

I just did some ribbing then started the cable pattern and worked it
until it was about where I wanted it and added the thumb gusset then finished off the cable pattern and did a bit more ribbing at the
end. Easy! It is worked in the round using 2 circulars. They are fairly
easy to just make up your own pattern as you go.

Libbie :slight_smile:

Hi Me,
how clever of you to have your own design of such beautiful pair of fingerless gloves and nice colour too.

You would have to use the two circ or magic loop method to make fingerless gloves. If you put all the stitches on one 16" circ, you would not be able to close the circle, because the cuff of your glove is only going to be about 8" diameter.
DUH … like Jan said … i just went back and re-read the posts.:aww:

those are very pretty … nice design and colors!

There’s also a pair of fingerless gloves called Knucks on The pattern is written for dpns but I’m knitting a pair using magic loop. They are so easy to do.

LOL haha just finished a pair this morning, execpt it was done on regular needles…the pattern was soooo easy though! :wink:

I love the picture, but I dont see where to download the actual pattern??