Fingerless gloves

anyone willing to help me thorough some tough spots for me on this pattern?

these fingerless gloves are beautiful. i’m confused by the pattern though. what does it mean—
Next Round: Using waste yarn, k7; slip these sts back to left needle and k them again using working yarn; work in 4x1 Rib as set to end

what part is this? the thumb? can you explain how it works?

thank you so much!

I’ve actually made this pattern before – it’s quite lovely.

Yes, that is the hole you make where later you will pick up stitches and knit the thumb. You just do exactly what it says. Without attaching (that is, tying on), use a different piece of yarn to knit those seven stitches. Then slip the stitche worked in the waste yarn back onto the left needle, and knit with your working yarn (the original yarn) those seven stitches again. You essentially have an extra row of seven stitches in there that should be in a different color yarn. Later you’ll take the waste yarn out, revealing the live stitches where it had been worked through.

I am working on these now:) I am at the point where I knit the thumb. I am pretty happy with how they are turning out if I can get this thumb right:)
There was a group that did this and I did a search on Fetching and got some advice from old threads when I needed help. Still cared to do the thumb though…