Fingerless gloves?

I may sound like a complete idiot asking this but I was always told there is no such thing as a stupid question except the one not asked.

What is the point of fingerless gloves? Are they mostly a fashion statement? Last night while I was walking my dog I thought I might like to knit myself a pair( all the patterns I have seen really are cute!). But then I noticed my wrists and hands weren’t cold only my my fingers were. Please enlighten me! Thanks!

:teehee: I wondered the same thing before I made a pair… My hands get cold though in the house when I’m knitting or on the computer and these do help but at the same time my fingers are free to knit or type… outside they don’t really do much good for me…although I do keep a pair in the car for when the steering wheel is to cold…

Thanks Dustina! I just noticed you are a mod!! Congrats!:yay: Is this new or am I complete oblivious??

:happydance: It’s new!!

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I was wondering about both of those things - the gloves and Dustina being a mod - I thought I was oblivious too! Congrats! :cheering:

And the gloves - well, some of those patterns are too cute [I]not[/I] to try … maybe they’ll even help with my dry skin around the knuckles…

Yes; mostly a fashion thing. However, I do own a pair of fingerless gloves that I use quite often. I do calligraphy for our re-enactment group and need use of my fingers even when it is cold. So I have a pair of fingerless gloves so that the rest of my hand stays warm, but my fingers are free to write. A friend of mine uses her gloves when she collects her chicken’s eggs. She said she kept dropping the eggs because her gloves were too slick, so she knit up a pair without fingers. I’ve seen electric linemen using them as well. I guess anyone who needs the dexterity of their fingers would benefit from fingerless gloves.

I’m making my daughters fingerless mittens to use at work when the office is cold. They need their fingers free to type so I thought this might help. I am making them in Oh So Boring, but Professional Black… :teehee:

My hands get cold in the house and while driving too and the fingerless gloves do keep them warmer. Lol I even make my hand into a fist and put my fingers down inside them when they get very cold. My pair doesn’t have those little finger seperations, it’s just a tube at the end.

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I have a pair of the mittens where the mitten ends come off and fold back leaving fingerless gloves. The fingerless gloves are good for when I need more manual dexterity than fingered gloves would provide.


And thanks also to everyone for helping me, too, understand the purpose of these gloves beyond the fashion statement (which I thought was pretty much the extent of their purpose as well).

i used to work in a shop that when the heating broke which was often i used to wear fingerless gloves and i could still work the tills and keep most of my hands warm:woot: i love smilies

Last year I knit mittens for all our relatives in Tenn & North Carolina. When I asked how they liked them I was told that they all, including the children, had to remove the mittens because they could not pick up or grip things with them on. Sooo this year they all got the fingerless gloves and they all love them. I just recently got the pattern for Convertable Gloves from Knit Picks and am going to make them for everyone. That way they can flip back the ends and use their fingers when needed.:knitting:

I actually wear my fingerless gloves (the kind that are just a big tube) underneath a big pair of gloves, so when I take the big gloves off to use my hands, which is often since I hate wearing things on my fingers, my whole hand doesn’t freeze. Plus they keep the gap between my gloves and my coat sleeves warm.

They are mostly for a fashion statement, I think, but as most people have said, they are helpful when you are in your cold office and are typing. :slight_smile: It’s hard to type with gloves on. Or knit, for that matter. I knit with mine on. :slight_smile:

Marching band…need to play, but it can be very cold.(okay, if you’re past high school or college, that might be irrelevant!) Also, to prevent tarnishing your instrument as much as possible. (Can you tell we’re from a musical family!)

I’m knitting a pair for my dd who works drive thru at a fast food place. Cold, but still needs to be able to handle money.

I wore mine for the first time today. My fingers did get cold, but it was GREAT to be able to drive, unlock the car door, put groceries in the trunk and so on and on without putting on and taking off gloves! I think a pair of those mittens with a buttonhole in the palm are in my future (maybe in a color to match the gloves, so I can layer them.)

I can’t add much to what everyone else has said, but I have been thinking about doing a pair of mitts that still enable me to use my fingers so I’ve got these patterns in my Ravelry queue -->


My Dh who told me that he really didn’t need a pair ( I know he was thinking he wouldn’t wear them!) got a pair from me anyway :mrgreen: stubborn woman that I am, lol.

He sweetly wore them to work-after I chased him with them insisting he take them! after all, here in south TX we don’t get too many opportunities to wear such things!-yesterday, and when he came home told me " these are GREAT!! kept my hands really warm! Except for my thumbs…"

:woohoo:Haha! I knew he’d like them, I have a pair myself, and they are great! I don’t like gloves that much for the same reason everyone else listed, lack of manual dexterity. Plus they make such fabulous gifts, easy and quick for me and everyone I’ve given them too so far loves them.

I need to make more! LOL.

Anyway, theres my two cents worth.

For years I’ve had trouble reading in bed in the winter because my hands get too cold outside the covers. My fingerless gloves are the perfect solution. They’re also great for computer work when it’s cool in the house or office. And they keep my wrist from aching so much in the winter (I broke it a couple of years ago.)