Fingerless gloves

Wow that’s even better. Couldn’t do it without you my darlin. I’ll let you know how it goes. Again I’m so appreciative. Thanks

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I got the thumb done. I think it looks ok lol. What do you think?

I think I may have picked up a wrong stitch. But it still looks ok i guess

I’m not glove expert, never made any, but it looks perfect to me! Very neat and professional looking.

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The glove looks fabulous!
There’s more than one right place to pick up sts. I’m sure it looks just fine. We’re often our own worst critics.

Thanks. And yes that’s a fact lol. I’m always criticizing my knitting. Which probably looks perfect to someone else. I have one more question about the gloves. If you don’t mind? The arrows that you are pointing to is the two strands that you pick up at the edges right? You put your needle through the two strands and place them on top of your needles with the rest? Or do you go one stitch in behind that. The first time is a challenge no doubt lol

You can pick up those strands at the edge or you can go one stitch up and pick up a bit further into the glove. Sometimes going in another stitch leaves too much of a seam however. I try to pick up as close to the edge as possible without picking up through a strand that will leave a hole.

It’s so encouraging that the first time only happens once!

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Thank you so much :blush:

I rather pick up the strands. That seems better to me lol. Makes perfect sense what you’re saying. Thanks once again for your help :blush:

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