Fingerless gloves to match clapotis & hat

Okay, I have finished (am blocking) my clapotis and matching hat and finally decided how I was going to do the cuff on the fingerless gloves & knitted it & seamed them & did a small amt of 1x1 ribbing last night and hope to finish them today so I can wear the ensemble tomorrow for Thanksgiving :smiley: So…I mush HURRY to finish… :waving:

lace cuffs

fingerless gloves on the way…

I tried, but I was WAY OFF starting these @ the same color point with this colorway, but I have now decided to try to stop worrying about it :shock: … hope it works…LOL, I’m hinky about things like that, but it’s too late to turn back now :rollseyes:

FYI, my camera is acting wonky & colors do actually match my clapotis BUT I’m askeered my camera is dying :shock: !! And I have knitting stuff on my Christmas list, not some dumb ole’ camera :rollseyes: !

You create the most beautiful things! :heart:

Just tell hubby you want a new camera and you’ll have it in about an hour! :wink:

Everything is soooooooooooooooo pretty! Make sure you have Lonnie take a picture of you wearing it all tomorrow so we can see.

I actually like it when the self coloring stuff is not so identical.

Rebecca, the hat turned out FABULOUS! It’s all gorgeous…so what’s next on your list?? :wink:

Thanks everyone :smiley: ! When I finish the gloves I am going to knit “Backyard Leaves” scarf from the book “Scarf Style” and then, of course, try to fashion a hat & fingerless gloves to go with :wink:

Those are gonna look GREAT with the rest of your clapotiset! :cheering:

Oh wow!!

The transformation of that hat is just amazing!! :inlove: :inlove:

:cheering: :happydance: :thumbsup: Great job!! I love how you are making everything match!!

:smiley: Ya’ll are all so sweet…I just :heart: wuv :heart: u all :smiley: !!
Okay, I take progress pics of all projects, as ya’ll know, so here is what I have thus far on clapotis matching fingerless gloves (I don’t know that I will make it for tomorrow, but that’s okay…I’ll wear it Christmas :wink: !)

gloves on the needles:

gloves on me (not an easy pic to take :shock: !!)

Oh, the difference in color is without & with flash. Now I must knit like a wild woman tonight to complete them, so … I’m off… :waving:

Oh, those are gorgeous!

:heart: :heart:

This set is to die for, Rebecca! :cheering:

So pretty, rebecca! :inlove:

Rebecca your stuff is sooo pretty! I love thoes gloves. :heart:

:smiley: Thanks everyone, I’m afraid I didn’t finish them to wear today bc it was too hot, so I didn’t try, I’m going to finish them later this evening, then on to the next scarf ensemble :wink:

I bet these sets will turn into your trademark style. How will you ever be able to choose which ensemble to wear??
They are gor-geeeeeeee-ous. :heart:

Aren’t you sweet :wink: ! I have definitely decided that with each scarf there will be matching hat & fingerless gloves…one day, maybe even gloves, who knows?! LOL, you are so right, tho, I recently knit Branching Out Scarf and a hat to match and I told my husband today when I was working on my gloves that I knew I was going to have to order the yarn for the gloves :roflhard: :rofling: !! Well, at least I’ve not done socks for all of them…although :thinking: I do have a box of sock yarn awaiting my finishing this long project list so I can begin the long awaited Sock Sabbatical :wink:

Rebecca what exactly is your sock sabbatical? Are you going on a trip and all you are going to knit is socks???



Thanks :smiley:
Robin, my Sock Sabbatical is when I do nothing but knit socks & learn about different forms of sock construction…it will be a long trip…but alas, it will be at home…but nothing will be knit but socks, lots & lots of socks :wink:

YaaaaAAAYYYY Socks!! :cheering: :cheering:

YaaaaAAAYYYY Socks!! :cheering: :cheering:[/quote]

OH YEAH :wink: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: