Fingerless Gloves Question

I’m working on this Knitty pattern. http://

I’m up to the part that reads" Next round: Using waste yarn, k7: slip these sts etc…"

I knit the 7 sts then continued in the 4 x 1 rib to the end of the round. Now I’m supposed to work 4 more rounds in 4 x1 rib. Do I continue to knit the 7 sts on waste yarn or work them into the 4 x 1 rib?

If I try to do the 4 x 1 rib it seems everything will be thrown off. I’m so confused!

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Read again: "Using waste yarn, k7; slip these sts back to left needle and [B]k them again using working yarn[/B]; work in 4x1 Rib as set to end."
You don’t slip them onto the waste yarn, you use waste yarn to knit them, then you slip them back to the need and knit with the regular yarn. Then go on. Later on you’ll pick out the waste yarn and make a Thumb out of them.

I apologize, I see my post wasn’'t clear. Am I knitting 7 new sts with the waste yarn or the first seven sts of the round? I’m so confused!

After saying to knit the 7 stitches in waste yarn and slip them back to the left needle it says:

[I]knit them again using working yarn; work in 4x1 Rib as set to end. Work 4 more rounds in 4x1 Rib.[/I]

YOu haven’t added any stitches to the count of stitches per round. yes, continue to do your 4 x 1 rib, including the 7 stitches that will later become the thumbhole.

no - you are not adding stitches. The seven are the first seven of the round.

This may help explain, and they are using the fetching pattern:

:figureditout: :notworthy: I get it!!

Thanks for the help!