Fingerless gloves help

Hello! So I am knitting the fingerless gloves from the book 30 min-knits by carol meldrum. I have come to a point in the pattern where I am absolutely stumped! Can someone walk me through very carefully how to do this section?

with the RS facing using RH needle, rejoin yarn by picking up 2 sts at base of thumb-keeping rib sequence correct work to end of row

thanks in advance!:knitting:

You’re going to work with a new end of yarn. Leaving about a 6 inch tail, use that new strand to pick up 2sts at the base of the thumb. That’ll put the 2 picked up sts on the righthand needle. Now continue the rib pattern to the end of the row.
Maybe the rib pattern is k1p1 or perhaps k2p2 but on the next row, the new sts will continue that pattern.
Here’s a video for picking up sts.

Don’t worry that the new sts seem loose at first. You can always tighten them up by a gentle pull on the new yarn end. When you finish, the new end will get woven in.

Thank you so much! I finally figured it out!