Fingerless gloves and a hat to go with them

I don’t know if it is possible to make anything my 14 year old grand daughter would like for her birthday, but I tried. I made them in non girlish colors because I hear she likes them better. :wink:

This fingerless gloves pattern I got online. I think it is called Dashing. I had a little trouble with the pattern. It may have been written correctly, but it seemed wrong to me so I changed it a bit. :shrug: The cables look a little weird, but offset cables are going to look a little odd. I’m happy enough with them.

Then I designed this hat to go with the gloves. I started with a cable from one of the Harmony stitch guides and then picked up stitches and made the top of the hat. I didn’t have enough of the army green to make it solid, so put black with it. The yarn is Wool-Ease.

That’s me as the model. I’m getting less and less photogenic as the years go by; I think it will look better on my DGD.:thumbsup:

I think that you did a lovely job. I’m sure that your daughter will love them.

I just love them!!!

awww if i was your grand daughter i would love them!! everything looks great!

I love them . The colour is lovely. You make a lovely model :slight_smile:

Very cute! I’m sure she’ll love them.

They look great and she will love them!! :happydance:

The gloves and hat are beautiful, and so are you! I’m sure your dgd will love them.


I love them both!! I am sure your DGD will too! Now I want to make the Dashing pattern too :stuck_out_tongue:

And you are a BEAUTIFUL model :thumbsup:

Very nice x

Both are nice and your fingerless gloves look great, you would make a great hand model.

Good color choice too.

Thanks for all the kind words everyone.

They do look great. You will let us know what she says, right? I’m storing up all this information for when mine is old enough to not have to wear what we put on her!

Fingerless gloves are a great choice for a 14 year old girl! She will love them. I think your cables are lovely.

(And you look pretty with all that snow around too!)

Very nice winter set. I really like the cable you chose for the hat, it looks like it will keep your DGD ears nice and warm. You model both items very well. :cool:

Those look fabulous! :yay:

oh she’ll love them. The colors are great too–such a hip granny you are! :slight_smile:

Both projects look great. Nice work!

I love the cable pattern, both turned out great! I think you photograph very well :wink:

They’re fantastic - hope she liked them, I made loads of fingerless mitts for my daughters, their boyfriends…etc… so I’m guessing she’ll love them - I haven’t made the dashings though, they look lovely on you - the hat looks great and so do you xx