Fingerless Glove Pattern Conversion

I have just started enjoying knitting in the round (with 2 circs or with DPNs–finally got the trick of those). There is a lacy fingerless glove pattern from the Lion Brand website

that is knitted flat (doesn’t have a thumb gusset) and then seamed to leave an opening for the thumb. I have already made a pair knitted flat (and I loved the way they turned out); I would love to convert the pattern to knitting it in the round. But I don’t know how to knit it to leave the 1-1/2" opening for the thumb.

If anyone could give me some pointers, or where I could look to find out how to convert this pattern, I’d be very grateful. :knitting:


For the section with the gap, you could work back and forth until the opening is the size you want, and then resume working in the round.

To convert from flat to round (in case you don’t already know) you would work the ws rows in reverse order and also reverse the stitches (knit to purl, purl to knit).

I didn’t look at the pattern since I can’t remember my password :?? but if you need further help, let us know.

When you come to the thumb area, knit flat for an inch or so, then go back to knitting in the round.

Thanks, Ingrid and suzeeq. :slight_smile: So, I will knit in the round (the pattern is one row of purling when knitted flat and one row of knitting the lace pattern, but I’ll do all knitting because it’s in the round?) for about the top inch, go to back-and-forth knitting (alternating the knitting and purling as if I were knitting flat) for the 1-1/2" thumb gap, and then go back to knitting in the round?

That sounds fairly easy. I think I’m going to tackle it. Thanks again–I knew I’d find the help I need on this forum. :slight_smile:

Sorry–the first row of the pattern is a purl row, which is the wrong side (the pattern when knitted flat is purl row then knit a row of the lace pattern). So, in converting it to in the round, do I still start with a knit row since I’m seeing the outside of the glove because I’m knitting in the round?

Thanks again.

Right, do the knit round first, then start the lace pattern on the next round.