Fingerless Glove...At least 1 hand will be warm!

I am finished with one hand but still need to do the other.


I used a self striping yarn. I love not having to think about it! :smiley: Total no brainer! :cheering:

By the way, why does my pictures look so [SIZE=6]big[/SIZE]?!(I previewed it) :??

I cant see the pics at all, Tita… :frowning:

me either :thinking: take that back. i right clicked them the clicked on view imiag and they came up

Seriously? You can’t see them? :??

Or are you being sarcastic?! :thinking: The pictures are [size=7]HUGE[/size]!

OK, I’m obviously doing something wrong! Can you see this picture?

yes :happydance:

I’m sorry Tita…I can’t see them either.

All I get are little red x’s :frowning: Would love to see them.

:frowning: I don’t see it either

I see it when I right click and select “view image” You’re right they are HUGE. But they look good. Keep knitting!! :cheering: :XX:

when I right click, I have the selection ‘show picture’…and it doesn’t :frowning: . Do you have a url that you can link us to? Are u hosting your photos online (photobucket, etc) or can u reduce size to 256 pixels or less? I wanna see :frowning:

Maybe you can’t link from Blogger? I see it though when clicking “view image” in Firefox.
Testing if I can post it… Okay that works so “I” can see it…can anyone else? You might want to resize them though…it is huge. I love the colors!

i can see all of them

Beautiful glove! What kind of yarn did you use??

very pretty!

awesome! I had to right click too, but eventually it showed up!

[color=indigo]Very pretty!!!

What yarn are you using? [/color]

Very beautiful!
And, like quite a few others have asked ‘what yarn did you use?’

I still can’t see them even when I right click. :frowning:

:crying: I can’t see them either tried right clicking too…