Finger tips hurt

I know must be doing something wrong.
I am knitting a scarf with 5.0mm bamboo needles. They seem to want to keep the work from moving forward and I must keep putting my big finger on the tip to move it.
The work also seems very tight on the needle.
I am using Red Heart Super Saver yarn.
My finger tip are biginning to hurt. Am I doing something wrong?

Try not to push with your finger tips. I know it’s hard though if you knit tight. Some yarns work better with metal needles so you might try that. I won’t use that yarn anymore, but as I recall metal was better.

Your fingers do get tougher the more you knit it seems. You did say you hadn’t knit for years didn’t you?

Yes, About 65 years. Seems I had a nice set of colored metal ones back then. They don’t make them that way anymore.
They must have been 7mm or so.
I made my scarfs back then. I lived in Dayton, Ohio.
Now I am in the Philippines where it never gets cold. Scarfs are a fashion statement.

you can still get metal needles. I like the bamboo for things that slide too easily, they tend to grab the yarn a bit more.

for other things I like my old steel needles.

and I’m making some for myself in sterling silver, how indulgent is that!
I’m having fun designing the ends. They might have horse heads on them, with a ring, like an old gate post.

or I could set some sort of semi-precious stone in them.
wonder if there’s a lucky stone for knitters.

and yes, you’ll develop stronger fingers, but don’t overdo it.

are you teaching your son to knit?

He is onlyinterested in wearing it.
He is making a game with Minecraft though.

The topic of hurt finger tips came up a little while ago. See if these additional suggestions might help.

A pair of metal circular needles could solve this for you. They are more slippery, as you’ve all noted, and also, being a circular needle, there is only a few inches of the needle shaft before it turns into a cable (which has no resistance for the knitting to move on). So it is easier to slide the knitting up. The only caveat is to avoid any needles that have extremely pointy tips, as some do. Addi Turbo needles have the most blunt tip. Too blunt for working decreases easily though, so depending on the knitting you’re doing, you may prefer something mid-range in terms of pointy-ness.

The colored metal needles are still made by Boye. You might like the Boye Needlemaster interchangeable set. The tips are perfect, IMO, pointy without being too pointy. We don’t sell it in our store, but I own it and like it. Just know that the shorter cable is too stiff to use comfortably, so the usable cable length starts at 24".

Thanks everyone.
I picked a circular needle here. It seems to be okay but still holds the work.
I may go back to crochet after this project.