Finger Knitting

Has anyone here done any finger knitting? I tried it out a few years ago, before I got seriously back into knitting with needles, but didn’t make what I produced into anything. I have a link somewhere to some Youtube videos on finger knitting. One of them showed how to make a scarf by this method.

It would be a fun thing to do on a plane - no nasty needles to scare the security staff with.

Happy knitting!


I had some yarn in my purse today while I was at teh vet and finger knit my daughter a headband while I was waiting. I’ve also done it during mass when my idle fingers can’t stand it any longer. :slight_smile:

I have never heard of finger knitting, is it difficult?

Finger knitting is awesome. I read it somewhere a couple of months ago, looked it up on youtube and learned it. It’s easy, simple and surprisingly relaxing.

Although I haven’t actually made something, just long strands of yarn.

this is super interesting! I always thought of knitting with needles, never just your fingers.

Finger knitting is very easy - try it and see! You wrap the yarn round your fingers. There are several YouTube videos on it.


I have to second this. I wait in doctor’s offices quite a bit lately and find finger knitting a good way to keep myself calm and centered.

I’ve heard of it through KH, but had never seen it elsewhere or even a video. I’m not sure it’s somehing I’d ever use, but it’s really interesting. :thumbsup: